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Why Roy Lichtenstein Still Matters

by Francesca Peak. Originally published on Mouth London Next month will see Lichtenstein: A Retrospective take over the Tate Modern for a three-month stint showcasing 125 of Lichtenstein’s pieces, both his instantly recognisable paintings and lesser-known sculptures. A friend on Twitter responded to this news by asking ‘Why does Lichtenstein get a whole exhibit for ‘art’ I […]

“City Upon A Hill” Revamped: New Perspectives on the US Capital City-State

by Rebecca Hopkins, a final-year CAS student.  When US historian Peggy K. Liss moved to Washington D.C. in 1980 to be close to the national archives, her friends warned her against it. It was a place known for its economically deprived, inner-city feel, its staggering crime rates within a predominantly black migrant community, its sprawling […]

Deck the Screen

by Ramsey Marwan Every year around Christmas time, it’s not unusual to sit in front of the telly, trawl through the never-ending, poorly executed melodramatic Eastenders specials and eventually resort to a DVD. America is the natural home of Christmas commercialisation and with this, Hollywood has provided some real crackers (pun intended) over the years […]

Pumpkin Pie

Jennifer Billot reveals the recipe behind her delicious pumpkin pie.  One of the Thanksgiving essentials, it’s a classic winter warmer and delicious too. And hey, it contains vegetables, so it must be good for you. Ridiculously easy to make, so there’s really no excuse not to dig in and indulge this winter. 9oz shortcrust pastry […]

Let’s Road Trip!

In the first of a series, Jennifer Billot gives her essential music choices for a quintessential American road trip. Blue skies, sun beating down, the wind whipping through your hair, expensive sunglasses on, and a full tank of gas; the recipe for a great American road trip! Nothing beats driving down Route 60, Highway 101, […] and Britney Spears – Scream and Shout

by Francesca Peak Two reality singing shows collide as Britney and William join forces. Yes, William, because I refuse to use his poor grammatical skills. In the opening spoken section, Britney seems to be speaking with a robotic English accent, which is more hilarious than anything. Before too long we’re back to the ‘Britney bitch’ […]

Romance, Rednecks and Rumours

by Francesca Peak. This article was originally published in University of Warwick’s student newspaper, The Boar. When I told people that I was spending my year abroad in Tennessee, the overwhelming response was, ‘why?’ Their perception of the South, wherever it came from, was certainly not favourable. So whether your view of the South comes […]