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Deck the Screen

by Ramsey Marwan Every year around Christmas time, it’s not unusual to sit in front of the telly, trawl through the never-ending, poorly executed melodramatic Eastenders specials and eventually resort to a DVD. America is the natural home of Christmas commercialisation and with this, Hollywood has provided some real crackers (pun intended) over the years […]

The ‘Twilight’ Saga: A Fictionalised Reality

By Jennifer Billot This post was inspired by the fact that the final Twilight film has just been released. Can we all breathe a sigh of relief and get on with our lives? I do not care about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s relationship drama. Now that this last film is done, Stewart can go […]

Five Films That Can’t Come Soon Enough

by Francesca Peak Hyde Park on Hudson – 7th December 2012 This will either prove to be terrible or brilliant. Bill Murray is Franklin D. Roosevelt and Laura Linney his mistress in the film that focuses on the visit of King George VI and his wife – the Queen Mother to you and me – to […]