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“City Upon A Hill” Revamped: New Perspectives on the US Capital City-State

by Rebecca Hopkins, a final-year CAS student.  When US historian Peggy K. Liss moved to Washington D.C. in 1980 to be close to the national archives, her friends warned her against it. It was a place known for its economically deprived, inner-city feel, its staggering crime rates within a predominantly black migrant community, its sprawling […]

Pumpkin Pie

Jennifer Billot reveals the recipe behind her delicious pumpkin pie.  One of the Thanksgiving essentials, it’s a classic winter warmer and delicious too. And hey, it contains vegetables, so it must be good for you. Ridiculously easy to make, so there’s really no excuse not to dig in and indulge this winter. 9oz shortcrust pastry […]

Thanksgiving Yams

by Jennifer Billot Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I for one am very excited. My brother-in-law is American and, about eight years ago, introduced us to the delights of what is basically a sugar-pumped Christmas dinner in November. On my year abroad last year, I was invited to spend Thanksgiving with my roommate’s huge family in the Sierra […]

Oreo Brownies

by Francesca Peak Brownies sit right alongside apple pie as one of the USA’s favourite foods. When I was on my year abroad, I discovered a new variation – the aptly named ‘brookie’ which, you’d never guess, is half-cookie-half-brownie. I have yet to make some of my own, I’m just waiting for the right calorific-deficient […]