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“City Upon A Hill” Revamped: New Perspectives on the US Capital City-State

by Rebecca Hopkins, a final-year CAS student.  When US historian Peggy K. Liss moved to Washington D.C. in 1980 to be close to the national archives, her friends warned her against it. It was a place known for its economically deprived, inner-city feel, its staggering crime rates within a predominantly black migrant community, its sprawling […]

Let’s Road Trip!

In the first of a series, Jennifer Billot gives her essential music choices for a quintessential American road trip. Blue skies, sun beating down, the wind whipping through your hair, expensive sunglasses on, and a full tank of gas; the recipe for a great American road trip! Nothing beats driving down Route 60, Highway 101, […]

Football Observations from Across the Pond

by Ben Craske, a CAS third-year who is currently on his year abroad at University of California, Santa Barbara College work has been snowballing recently, and I haven’t had much opportunity to sit and write another blog post. However, with the work ethic at UCSB, you work hard in the week and party at the […]

The ‘Twilight’ Saga: A Fictionalised Reality

By Jennifer Billot This post was inspired by the fact that the final Twilight film has just been released. Can we all breathe a sigh of relief and get on with our lives? I do not care about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s relationship drama. Now that this last film is done, Stewart can go […]